Thursday, March 27, 2008

You'll Be a Better Person buy Cut Copy's "In Ghost Colours"

Cut Copy's new album "In Ghost Colours" dropped on Tuesday. So go get it. Like Now. It's beyond fantastic. It's the perfect music for getting ready to go out while chi-ing your hair and adding so many products that you're nearly combustible. Yes it's that good.
BTW: It's only 6.99 @ iTunes.
Go show the Aussie boys some support.
Even if they are sadiddy Easterners.

"Far Away" is one of my fave tracks.
It's just got one of those brilliant choruses that begs to be used (read:abused) in the trailer of a mediocre rom-com.
Don't Forget: Their first album was stellar too. Especially the track "Saturdays" which has a bit of "Digital Love" in it reminding me of the fabulous Juliette Lewis GAP ad. Oh hell I love that ad so much I'll just post/marry it.


Manuel B said...

It goes to show some of you and Jason's music schooling has paid off, since I downloaded this as soon as it came out on Tuesday - without any prompting! And yes, it is pretty good.

Ty said...

Apparently living in London (or just being around you three long enough!) has gotten me a little more on top of the music situation because I got the album off iTunes earlier just after hearing them do an interview on a podcast I was listening to. Please tell me jason enjoys it too!

POP COLONY said...

You guys are seriously making me cry! My Pop Culture Padawans are growing up so fast!!! If only we could play trivial pursuit PC edition now.

BTW we've added to the tally of people who want Jason & me to do a show. So it has to happen now. Except that I swear with our language we're going to have to be on the BBC.