Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fancy a Rave?: Lessons from the UK Charts

I've been listening to BBC Radio 1 on Live Stream for the the past couple of nights and I have concluded the following:

1) Greg James is the cutest thing ever. Seriously. Last night (Tues AM UK) he defended playing "My Humps" and bashed Heather Mills all in the same show. Talk about covering all your bases. I do have to google about 3/4ths of what he talks about but it's well worth it. Plus thanks to the time difference his super early morning show is on at 9pm Vancouver time.
[Comics Note: And if there is ever a Runaways movie he most definitely has to play Chase.]

2) Rave music will never go out of style in the UK. Well it may go out of style, per se, but it will always get people on the dancefloor and high spots of the chart.

3)The Chris Moyles show theme/jingle is the most annoying thing ever. Though I'll give him some points back for playing Madonna every 30 min.

4) British people are not ashamed of their love of pop music. And that Ladies and Gents is why they rock.

#9 on this week's UK Chart- Utah Saints "Something Good 08"

Let me just get this out of the way first: Rave will never die.
Because people never get tired of looped beats. Back in the day we had our Casio keyboards that could do a mean hip-hop beat on loop till the batteries died out. Thanks to technological progress you can now have the same effect with a ringtone that plays the hook from your fave jam on loop until you answer the call from your mom (which will probably take a while).

Accepting the permanence of rave in the Brits' hearts and ears will make understanding the UK charts much easier. So it should be of no surprise to anyone that the #9 song on the charts this week is a rave hit. Actually it's a remix of a rave hit hence the year in the title. Like a prized bottle of vintage wine this track just seems to get more and more popular. Do I understand why ? Well since I haven't won a Nobel Prize the answer is most definitely 'no'. But as a Colonial I'm guessing that the fact that it's a meta-mix of Kate Bush's brilliant 'Cloudbusting' couldn't have hurt its chances of topping the pops.


Ty said...

i love that song!!! It's played so much over here, although not nearly as much as Leona Lewis or Duffy (I don't think anything could be played as much!).

POP COLONY said...

I'm just not down with Leona Lewis' contemp pop. She's too young to be doing shiz more suitable for Whitney.
I'm still not sure about Duffy. She's riding that WhiteSoul Winehouse Wave. But I actually like some of her songs. Though the brits must lay off that Mercy track. Not to mention I think that girl is riding on her name's resemblance to another small blonde who can sing and kicks mucho ass, Buffy.