Monday, March 17, 2008

WTF Moments in Pop Culture: Rihanna "Lemme Get That"

Am I going to have to invest in a Rihannican dictionary?

Wish I was in a flick
And I ain't talking movies
(Lemme Get That)
Seriously, what the hell is that suppose to mean?!!!

I know that their are a ton of songs with dubious usage of the English language but I find myself fixated on this lyric simply because the rest of the song actually makes sense (Fauxnetic spelling of 'Lemme' aside). Unfortunately my guide to the modern vernacular, Urban Dictionary, didn't shed any light into the connotative meaning of 'flick'. I hope that my ignorance won't lead me into an awkward social situation with some very angry Rihannicans.
If you can help me decipher the Rihannican language please comment.

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Anonymous said...

She is talking about a skin 'flick'. Like a pornographic movie. In the song she talks about guys and says "they love the young girl, they wanna give it to me, wish i was in a flick, and i aint talkin movies". She means they wanna see her nudie. That's what I think and believe it means. Hope that helped.