Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Batman definitely has a Messiah Complex

I caught the premiere of Justice League: New Frontier at WonderCon last week and it was surprisingly good. But with David Boreanaz, Neil Patrick Harris, Kyle MacLachlan, and Lucy Lawless in the cast I knew I was going to enjoy it regardless of any artistic value (which it has plenty of thanks to the genius of Darwyn Cooke). Most importantly I got to hear Jeremy Sisto as Batman. Back at Comic-Con the reaction by fans to Jeremy was well...not that positive. Thankfully Bruce Timm stepped in and comforted our hypercritical comic nerd minds with reassurance that Jeremy was doing some serious justice to Batman. Though I must admit from the point of a rabid B:TAS fan I don't know why Kevin Conroy can't be the voice of Batman....forever. Anways, Jeremy did a good job with Batman by emphasizing that he's the outcast of the group. You know because his only super powers are good looks and billions of dollars. Damn he's the best.

Hearing Jeremy also reminded me that he's not the first Batman to play Jesus on a network miniseries. Prompting me to ask "Is the Bat Signal the new Star of Bethlehem?"[Val Kilmer voiced Moses/God in "Prince of Egypt".
And I didn't want to deny you guys of a Val Kilmer pic!]


Not to leave my fave Batman out...Michael Keaton is voicing ark navigator Noah in Noah's Ark:The New Beginning an animated film coming out this year. Eliza "air punch" Dushku and Jason Lee also lend their voices to the non-Veggie Tales religious animated film.

Advisory: Don't get my started on Clooney.

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ChristopherRistopher said...

I didn't know a Justice League movie was coming out. It's not live-action, is it? That would turn out somewhat awful, I think.