Monday, March 31, 2008

It's (almost) Never Sunny in Caprica...I mean Vancouver.

OMG Day 2 of good weather in Vancouver!
This is good news not only for me but also for the BSG crew who's about to start working on finishing the the LAST EPISODES. :(
I took that lovely picture from my 'hood. Ah what fun it was to finally go outside after the hail/snow/rain/thunder last week.

On a related note: Jamie Bamber,when am I going to bump into you? And by bump of course I mean stalk you for a couple of blocks.

And if you're worrying that I wasn't going to include some towel clad Bamber don't fret!
And don't forget!-BSG:The Last Season starts this Friday!


Andy said...

Haha, here in Perth, we are having our 2nd day of grey clouds and rain. I stepped outside yesterday and was like, "WTF! It rains here!?!" Seriously, I don't think it's rained for like 6 months.
Not that we have anybody filming anything here. Except for tacky film crews that stand outside Heath Ledger's family home to quiz his dad on Heath's supposed love child.

POP COLONY said...

Perth sounds like Austin which is exactly why I want to go back after last week's ridiculousness. But it's still freezing outside. According to Yahoo weather it's 0!

And I never got to see David & Gillian filming here. Had to go ALL the way to San Fran for that pleasure.