Monday, March 24, 2008

Double The Fun: Josh Radnor vs. Mark Ronson


Josh Radnor is pretty adorable on How I Met Your Mother. But to be fair HIMYM has the hottest sitcom cast on TV with Jason Segal, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders, and the occasional Whedonverse guest star. BTW he gets extra props for being a Broadway boy after he took over the lead role in The Graduate from Jason Biggs.

Mark Ronson is really at the heart of the hip London scene. He's the Grammy winning producer behind Amy Winhouse's hit album. [I'll admit that I'm no Winehouse fan but her cover of The Zuton's Valerie on Ronson's Versions is pretty brilliant.] He also produced the Amy Winehouse song "I'm No Good" which is used as the theme to Billie Piper's fabulously saucy series "Secret Diary of a Call Girl". Plus he's also one of the most stylish guys around having appeared in GQ & Men's Health Style Guide. Oh and did I mention that he's got a British accent?

The Britney Connection
Josh: Brit's character fell head over heels for Ted on HIMYM

Mark: Covered Brit's magnum opus "Toxic" on his BRIT winning album "Versions"

Verdict: Mark Ronson by a hair. And what very nice hair it is. When the crew of HIMYM do the inevitable "Robin dates a Ted-clone" episode they must get Mark. I just won't have it any other way.
Update: And I totally forgot to mention that Mark produced Robbie's Lovelight. While it's no Rock DJ it still got the kids (read:alcoholic friends) dancing on the couch.

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Manuel B said...

I (heart) Mark Ronson AND despite hating on the Winehouse, I love Valerie (and apparently so does the gay NYC community as it played pretty much on loop all of Friday night in every gay bar in Midtown)