Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quantum of *Steve* [Updated w/ more Craig!]

I literally just got back from seeing Quantum. I'm in no position to do a review of it since my Daniel Craig love is so strong it sent me to a sneak preview (& not the free kind!) of Golden Compass. And when I visited London this past spring I had no problem doling out £13 at VUE Leicester Square to see Flashbacks of a Fool. Who am I, a lowly colonial, to pass up a Daniel Craig film in his motherland? Not to mention Eve and Claire Forlani are in it!

Though I will share that while I was watching the movie I couldn't help but notice all the Steve McQueen shout-outs. If it's not intentional it's got to be some serious subconscious stuff on the part of Paul Haggis & Co.
The Thomas Crown Affair-Though Daniel technically dons the three piece at the end of Casino Royale I'm still going to conclude that McQueen was Tom Ford's muse for Blond Bond. Tom even put Daniel in some aviators à la Thomas Crown for the majority of Quantum. OCD Cred-Persol was the brand of choice of Mr.Crown and coincidently for Mr.Craig in Casino Royale.

The Great Escape
- Can you really think of a motorcycle jump independently from McQueen? Didn't think so.

Bullitt-A car chase that ends with the perps dead and an angry superior fuming over lost tesimony. Sounds pretty familiar. Oh and there's that whole matter (albeit a sexy one) about the classic style of a cardigan and shirt.

The Towering Inferno-If you saw Quantum you'll get the connection. But even if you haven't seen it I think the symbolism is pretty clear. Fire=Hot=Hottie

No Shirt. No Problem.


Jason said...

Daniel is ridiculous.

...Should I pop in Casino Royale or Tomb Raider? The decisions I make!

POP COLONY said...

I'm going to pretend that even though I got home late I didn't pop in Casino Royale. Love that rewind button!