Friday, November 21, 2008

The Seven Wonders of Pop Colony

I was tagged by Michael from mystuffandcrp oh so long ago to do the 7 things you don't know about me meme (I'm guessing that's grammatically redundant but whatevs. Damn newfangled internet lingo!) So better late than never...

1. The # of Ida Corr songs on my iPod.
And yes it's the Fedde le Grande remix. I am somewhat self-respecting. Oh who am I kidding? It does go great with China Whites and platform dancing.

2. The # of times a day I pray to the Movie gods to be a Guest Programmer on TCM. Seriously I'm crazy learned about classic movies. I'd probably put in my program:
a Joel McCrea & Preston Sturges Duo: Sullivan's Travels & The Palm Beach Story
David Lean's Brief Encounter-Celia Johnson & Trevor Howard make middle-age repression look so hot!
The only Political movies worth watching: Lubitsch's Ninotchka & Capra's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Oh and All 14 movies pairing the best couple in movie history: William Powell & Myrna Loy
So yeah it would probably take a couple of days to watch but it would be well worth it.

3. The # of pairs of Tory Burch Reva flats that I own and wear even when it's raining and freezing. I really love this style because they're flats and they come in all sorts of colors which totally appeals to both my Latin & Preppy sides of my tastes. I actually purchased each pair at Nordstroms although in different states but coincidently in the same emotional state (pure joy).

4. The # of my favorite kick ass comic-book women (all written by Greg Rucka)
1. Queen & Country: I'm dumbfounded to why this isn't a franchise yet (or at the least a BBC series. Yes I'm talking to you producers of MI5/Spooks!) . And it has all the makings of a female Bourne but without the pesky memory loss. Seriously check out this book if you have any love for the spy genre. Did I mention it's like Alias but with an extra helping of angst and none of the absurdity?
2. Whiteout: The protagonist Carrie Stetko is a brunette with freckles who lives in a cold place. So I can quite easily relate. But the book is also a great mystery story set in the fascinating (and according to Leo & Al-Disappearing) Antarctica. And really no one does non-grating self-destructive characters like Greg Rucka.
3. Checkmate: Sasha Bordeaux may have a Bond Girl name but she's 150% kick-ass and sports one of the most enviable hairstyles in comics ever. Take that Sally Hershberger!
4. Wonder Woman: Everyone has their take on Diana but I've got to say Rucka's has been one of the most satisfying as of late. Pitting Diana against dirty politicians is rife with drahmah. I guess I'm a sucker for what seems to be a Rucka trademark: the female led political thriller.
Rucka's run was also highlighted by gorgeous covers by JG Jones.

5. The # of framed pieces of James Jean (of Prada Fairies fame) art hanging in my apartment-including a sketch he did for me at New York comic-con. Unsurprisingly the guys at the framing store refer to me as "That Comic-Book Girl".

6. The # of movies (off the top of my head) that apparently only I can love:
A Good Year-Ridley! Marion! Tom Hollander!
Domino- Edgar Ramirez! Tony Scott!
The Lake House-Keanu!
What a Girl Wants-Amazonian Bynes!
Live Free or Die Hard-A car takes down a plane for goodness sake!
Imposter-Seriously you have to see it for Gary Sinise. Hot!!

7. The average # of times a week I go to Starbucks.
And no I don't order a Bitch drink. I keep it simple- Grande Vanilla Latte usually iced though sometimes reg.

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