Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gwyneth is Patrick Bateman (but without the ridunculous bod)

Gwyneth once again shares a morsel of her cultured soul with us poor masses via GOOP:
“The only one that is not free is Zagat, which I have an obsession with. I literally do not go out to eat until I reference it.
G somehow manages to sound more like Patrick Bateman than Patrick Bateman! And Lest we forget her affiliation with Huey Lewis which spawned a Chart Topping Single to boot (Bad Aussies!).
It will not come as a complete surprise to me if Gwyneth dishes next on her favorite NYC Dry Cleaners who coincidentally have no problems with verbal abuse for not adequately laundering her white linens.

[BTW: I know that you totally saw through my rant for what it really is-an excuse to post Christian Bale channeling his New Wave-Riche via a at-home tanning bed.

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