Monday, November 24, 2008

The Mane Event-Robert Pattinson's Hair for Best Supporting Actor

I usually leave all the Oscar Recommendations to Blog Next Door but I saw Twilight (read:and survived) and my duty to the sanctity of Pop Culture won't let me to abide without comment.
Much like Tom Hanks' BFF Wilson the Volleyball Rob's hair transcends that which is inanimate (his character Vamp Edward Cullens) into something that is full of soul (and by appearences B&B's Sumotech). Whenever the movie got a little too Fangsty for me (due in large part to copius overacting) I knew I could just count on the hair to whisk my mind away to the editorials of V-Man or Vogue Homme. But seriously, Rob's hair out-acted (long seen-or-heard from) Peter Facinelli in the movie. To be as accurate as possible his hair out-acted everyone in this movie except perhaps TV guest star-staple Billy Burke who thankfully checked all his sentimentality at the door to play dad to Vampstinent Lover, Bella. This people, is why we go to the movies.

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