Friday, October 24, 2008

Fashion Fray:The Blokes want to be like Bullitt (Nice Try!)

While I was doing my daily gander of Just Jared I couldn't help but notice all the guys (read:two) who were sporting cardigans. And not any of that fine-knit Mr.Rogers shit but full-on chunky Grandpa cardigans! Which leads me conclude that Sir Daniel and Sir Ed must be trying to channel their inner Steve McQueen via knitwear. Mr Craig even manages to pair his cardigan with a blue shirt just like McQueen. I guess those blue-eyed boys can never pass up a chance to bring out their eyes. For those who want to be supremely learned (which really is anyone who has stumbled upon my little piece of the blogsphere) please note that this is not the first time Sir Daniel has looked to McQueen for Style Inspiration.
Did you really think Daniel was the first to sport blue short shorts?!
*Thomas Crown vs. Blonde Bond*

BTW:We have Thomas Crown Affair ('68-Jason!) & Bullitt Costume Designer Theadora Van Runkle to eternally thank for putting together some eternally hot ensembles. Oh and she did the Beret, Trench, & Knit smorgasbord that is Bonnie & Clyde. The woman is the Darkchild of 60's costume design-a criminally underrated genius!

On a related Men-in-Knitwear note: I know that I'm not the only one that got lightheaded when Eric Mabius was wearing a cardigan on this week's Ugly Betty. If I didn't love the magnificently brilliant dialogue I would totally just mute it and enjoy Mr.Mabius's valuable contribution to our world silently.

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mB said...

Hmm... Blue trunks. If only they were belted...