Saturday, April 5, 2008

WTF Moments in Pop Culture: Will Chalker @ #34 on is unacceptable

Will Chalker is #34 on list of the top 50 models. That means that there are 33 "better" male models. This cannot be true. And I, Pop Colony, will prove it scientifically for the sake of all that is good in the world.

Exhibit A:
He's gone down the runway with a frakkin baby tiger in his hands.
Exhibit B:
Expertly pulls off a cowboy hat without resorting to irony.
Exhibit C:
I didn't even know Paco Rabanne was still around. But now I am indebted to them for providing the best window dressing for Sears on Robson ever.

I rest my case.
So get your act together and put Will in his rightful place at #1.


Andy said...

I'm sure I've said this to you in the past, but that Paco Rabanne photo is the best pic taken of Will... ever! I would be going to Pacific Centre for no good reason just to walk past lol.
Speaking of fragrances, I was at this party last night, and this boy was showing off his Burberry belt. So naturally, I go off on my "I heart Weisz/Gruffudd" spiel.
No-one knew what I was on about. Some of these kids needed to be reminded who Ioan was!
There's my WTF moment in Pop Culture! lol

POP COLONY said...

You could have even gone of on some Hugh Dancy love. The one where he's sitting in front of a car has "icon" status in my book. I guess Sears on Robson was just too good to us with the big Rachel/Ioan posters and then with the Will.