Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Pom a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The Ministry of Health @ Pop Colony would like to introduce a new initiative.
Super simple concept: a hot English guy every single day. Because looking at hot guys is good for your health.

The inaugural pommie:
GQ UK recently named Daniel Craig the Best Dressed Man in the UK. That's good and all but I really prefer Mr.Craig when he's not dressed.


Manuel B said...

Holla That.

Here's to Quantum of Solace actually talking about Daniel and his relationship with his wardrobe...

POP COLONY said...

I swear they should just do the entire movie on the beach. It could be like Quantum of Aquamarine. You know you'd like to see JoJo!

Andy said...

WTF! The guy at the pool was wearing THOSE swim shorts.
Was I just on the set of that film and didn't even know it, and the guy WAS Daniel Craig!?! lol