Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Pom a Day Keeps the Doctor Away-Jonny Lee Miller

Me and Jonny go way back. As in his feature debut "Hackers" back. Watching him on Eli Stone is an oddly surreal experience simply because I have followed his career for such a long time. And yes if you're wondering I have seen the hot mess that is Dracula 2000. I remember back in the day when he was with Natalie Appleton from 'All Saints' and hanging with BFF Jude Law. Does knowing all that make me a loser? Maybe. But I like to think of it as just being really thorough. Who knows he may appear in a game of Trivial Pursuit sometime. Ok so enough of my confession of a dangerous mind and let me get to the pic.
Come on those sad puppy dog eyes are just fantastic.

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