Friday, April 11, 2008

Sadiddy Segment: Texans do it better. And by "it" I mean everything.

Miss Texas won Miss USA 2008.
We rock.
That is all.


Manuel B said...

Would it be horrible if I said I endured the ENTIRE pageant: Yes, that did include watching Finger Eleven perform, staring at the wax-dolls which the world call Donnie & Marie Osmond, judge the consistently tranny-looking contestants AND revel in the fact that the judging panel was a list of D-list stars including b*tch Heather Mills, Joey (the) FatOne from NSync and Fierce-Tranny-Hot Mess Christian.
But there was wine, so all was good.

POP COLONY said...

WTF? Christian was a judge? I can't believe that he would sit in the same room with that cow Heather Mills! Stella will not be pleased. You are seriously fighting Jodie for "Brave One" status after enduring such crimes against humanity!