Sunday, July 27, 2008

On the PC Casting Couch-Y:The Last Man-Part 2 (Finally!)

To commemorate the end of Comic Con I'm going to FINALLY finish my casting of Y:The Last Man.
[Better late than never, right?]

Meet the Browns!Yorick=Topher
I really don’t need to elaborate. I mean seriously from looks to personality he’s the absolute best hands-down physical incarnation of Yorick.
Message to WB: Please god don’t let it be Shia! I don’t want to see Yorick being played by a formerly promising actor turned cocky-douchebag with an ever growing arrest record. If it really comes to that the movie should really take a page from the first issue and shoot itself in the head.

Hero’s a bitch with a healthy serving of crazy thrown in for good measure. So who’s better suited to play her than the woman who immortalized the words “I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.” Not to mention if you’ve seen My Summer of Love then you know she’s quite capable of making someone switch sides.

Ah Beth 2! You know that she’s perfect for Yorick but in a compatible Facebook interests sort of way. But you know that you’re still rooting for 355 all the way. So whoever is worthy of donning Beth 2’s scar has to be intelligent, articulate, & funny. Rachel’s had her turn playing the intelligista in The Family Stone (oh hush! at least it had a great cast). And if you need to see her comedic credentials just look at Mean Girls. Seriously.

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