Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In Sequential Style-SDCC 2008 *episode 2*

BEST FIRST-TIMER: Bill Nighy [Photo:Variety]
Bill Nighy is pretty much my favorite person ever. I serisouly don't understand why's he's not a household name! Bill Nighy looked smart and polished in a slim suit and his trademark think plastic glasses at his first comic-con ever. Just brilliant!

BEST DRESS(ED): Jamie King [P:Variety]
I have to say that I'm in deep love with that See by Chloe dress [S/S 08]. The dress has a great grapic design print that fits in brilliantly with the whole essence of comic-con: Art!
While some people overdress for SDCC (I'm talking to you Ms.Panettiere!) Jamie manages to perfectly balance a chic yet fun look. Now if only The Spirit trailer were a bit more promising. Not that I'm not loving Sarah Paulson as Ellen and (suprisingly) loving ScarJo's hat collection. Cloche hats are going to rule Fall/Winter!

MOST COMPLIMENTARY: Keanu Reeves & Jennifer Connelly [P:EW]
Down to their dark locks, dark duds, and pale skin, Keanu & Jennifer show that promoting a film is a team effort. They seriously must have discussed what they were going to wear before heading out to SDCC in order to avoid any fashion faux-pas. Not that their good style is anything of a shock. Especially Jennifer "Balenciaga-muse" Connelly.

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