Saturday, July 26, 2008

GRAPHIC NOVELTY- Danity Kane's "Bad Girls" *Updated w/ more POW!*

The ladytrannys of Danity Kane have their new vid out and it's all comics!

It's set in Gotham City. Though from the looks of it they take more cues from Alba & Co. in SIN CITY.

The girls can't have their stellar track interrupted so they make good use of graphic sound effects. Though I half expected to see SHELLACK! somewhere in the vid as a means of explaining their makeup application process. I'm sure re-painting the Golden Gate takes less time.

There's more than a fair share of latex catsuits.

And it does have a bit of a Paulina Rubio (or Toxic Brit or Get you Good Shania if you prefer) reimagining of AKIRA.

Last but not least some archetypal bondage scenes worthy of a Golden Age Wonder Woman issue.

Even the "DK" opening logo is a straight ripoff of the flickering panels Marvel Studios logo. Glad to see Diddy copying off the best.

See if Joel Schumacher were still doing the Batman flicks this song would have totally made it onto the soundtrack. I mean who can seriously resist the poor-man's version of Girl Aloud? I will give the song a thumbs up though simply because it managed to pull off a sort of urban BOND sound thanks to Danja (Whose "Break the Ice" for Brit also spawned a manga inspired vid)

Graphic Novelty: When comics hit mainstream. Hilarity ensues.


mB said...

You forgot to add the Sound Effects from the 1960s Batman series. For all we know, Adam West got a consulting gig for this video.

POP COLONY said...

There you go! (a la urbanPink)