Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In Sequential Style-SDCC 2008

While a lot of people like to focus on the Cosplay going on at SDCC (not that I don't love a good Wolverine or Indy) I like to pull a Joan Rivers and judge people's "normal" clothing. Let's see who the big winners are!

BEST IN SHOW: Ray Stevenson [Photo:EW]
Ray seriously brought his A Game from jolly ol' England! I think what really made Ray the cream of the con was that, at least for me, it was totally unexpected. I'm so used to seeing him only as sweaty & dirty Pullo that I was (good) shocked. The man cleans up very nicely.

BEST HAIR: Hugh Jackman [P:EW]
He's seriously ridonculous. But I do have a notorious weakness for the Wolvarine do'.

2008 Eisner winner Gerard Way looks ready and set to re-join The Umbrella Academy (which, thank god, is coming back in November!).

She's wearing a dress that looks like she looted Tinker-Bell's closet yet somehow she makes it work. Rose continues to astonish.

BEST GEEK CHIC: Edgar Wright [P:EW]
As a Spaced-junkie I can actually say that Edgar Wright can do no wrong. Here he's wearing two fanboy staples- a comic tee & jeans but he pulled his look together with a simple cut jacket. The jacket's clean lines really serve to streamline the whole outfit. Yes, I said "outfit". Nerds take notes.

HALL OF FAME: Grant Morrison [P:Newsrama]
Sequential smart suits. 24/7. Perfect.

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