Friday, August 22, 2008

When CRANK met DEATH RACE-AKA: Transporter 3

Who says Jason Statham is typecast?

I have to admit that I'm still a huge fan of the first Transporter since it best embodies what I affectionately classify as Euro-Action-Trash. It's essentially a European homage/knock-off (depending on your level of cynicism) of American action films of the late 80's like Lethal Weapon/Beverly Hills Cop but with a lot more Techno music. PLUS who can honestly admit to themselves that they didn't like the part in Transporter 1 when Statham was fighting shirtless covered in motor oil. People that is what classic movie moments are made of!


Michael Parsons said...

Yes he is a rampant homophobe, but he is still hot. Love my Jason

POP COLONY said...

He really can't be THAT homophobic if he's got that requisite "Shirtless Fight Scene" clause in his contract.

See Also: Tom Cruise's "I must wear a tight tee" clause now in its 25th year. Oh yes I remember/love The Outsiders!