Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ragamuffin Children-Sarah McLachlan & Radiohead's Love Child?

Though Kiwi-act Ragamuffin Children has had their album Werecat Lullabies out for over a year I've only just heard of them. I'm going to blame the tardiness of my enlightenment on the fact that New Zealand is very very far away.
So if you're wondering what Sarah McLachlan & Radiohead's lovechild raised in a boarding school in Iceland run by Sigur Ròs would sound like I definitely recommend checking this Kiwi duo out.
By the way-There seriously must be something in the water out there in New Zealand that makes people pair up and start folk bands (See:Flight of the Conchords). No wonder it's the land of Frodo & Samwise.

Some Track Shots-
Reading the Stone : Classic 'Surfacing' Sarah McLaughlin
Ancestors: Classic McLaughlin/Delirium collabo
Sea Shanty: Sounds exactly like 'Amnesiac' off of Radiohead's 'Ok Computer'
Bullets- Radiohead's 'Everything In Its Right Place' with a slower metronome.
Here's the Rain & Minstrel-If Sigur Ròs ever sang in English...

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Anonymous said...

i dont think they sound anything like sigur ros or radiohead? maybe more so in their 2nd release the seahorse emporium. amazing guest instrumentation