Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pop Culture Case Study: Music Men make the best Superheroes Part 4-James Marsden

Though Cyclops is technically the head of the X-Men the film franchise chose to focus on everyone's favorite wife-beater wearing Canadian Wolverine. Thankfully Bryan Singer chose not to skimp on the hotness by choosing James Marsden to don the red shades and love triangle. Ah what can be said about James Marsden that wouldn't better be articulated with a musical double feature of Hairspray and Enchantment.
Hairspray: James is Corny...Collins! No but really he's just plain ridiculous. Take that Zafron! (J/K Zac I still love you even though I have yet to see HSM 3). Do yourselves a favor and learn the Corny Collins dance! Sorry but that'll be the closest you'll ever get to dancing with James.
Enchantment was fantastic until Amy went out of her effing mind and *Spoiler*picked Patrick Dempsey. Seriously what the hell, Amy? And there should have been more Idina. A lot more.
But really what is it with all these movies (read: Superman, The Notebook, 27 Dresses) where the gal is in love with someone other than James. Talk about fiction!
So here's to you James for showing us again that Music Men make the best superheroes.

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