Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hats Off to Pushing Daisies!

First things first-I'm still in a ridiculous amount of denial about the cancellation of Pushing. Daisies. My poor pop culture constitution cannot handle the cancellation of a brilliantly fantastical and charming morsel of entertainment goodness. But I was almost moved into tear-shed while watching episode 10 "The Norwegians". See apart from the show being a smorgasbord of delight with its brilliant cast and magical visual storytelling it also has hands down the most fantastically creative production and costume design seen on TV and most movies. One of the many weekly delights is seeing the Technicolor-idolizing wardrobe of leading lady Chuck. Surprisingly in Ep 10 it was Norwegian Hedda (played by Ivana "I'm in everything" Milicevic) that made me smile when I saw her sporting a hat design that I coincidently also own (though mine's purple). God, I'm going to miss this show. 

Oh and if you're thinking of playing it Fringe (in a non-Joshua Jackson way) at Comic-Con next year- The Wool Cloche hat is handmade in Italy by Flu's Ear and was previously (sorry!) available at Nordstrom's. Though if you want to sport Chuck' Rasberry Fedora with Bow (by TARNISH) then you're in better luck because it's still available at

On an Awards note/rant-
I'm not one to seek validation of my pop culture by a group of self-congratulatory academy fogies but come on 12 Emmy Nominations for a Fantasy genre show that had its own pre-pilot comic book! It seemed like a truly geek chic show was finally going to get some respect (Unlike Buffy or BSG). Unfortunately the respect didn't turn into viewers. Though I would like to say that Us few loyal viewers are worth 20 times those Grey's Anatomy fools.

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