Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The Criminally Underrated of 2008

AUSTRALIA-Baz Luhrmann makes an unpretentious epic that addresses discrimination without being condescending or disingenuous. And there's a (seriously refreshing) love story based on mutual respect. Plus mutually statuesque Hugh Jackman & Nicole Kidman. What's not to like?

SPEED RACER-Stop Hating! People fail to understand that the movie is a Children's Film about Corporate Crime. It's seriously the PG-rated version of Michael Clayton. Fraud, bribery, embezzling, stock manipulation, corporate espionage and sabotage. It's all there in a Technicolor dream with a kid with a BFF Chimp. I guess with all the fantastical action (and haircuts) audiences just couldn't accept a story of Good versus a very real life Evil.

THE BANK JOB-A Smart (stop acting so surprised) Jason Statham heist flick not brought to you from a Guy. And Saffron Burrows showing everyone how to wear 70s fashion like a model. Fierce!

A CHRISTMAS TALE (Un Conte de Noël)- It's like a French remake of The Family Stone except that it's completely devoid of empty sentimentality, all the characters keep it harshly real with each other, and Catherine Deneuve's wrapped up in YSL. Absolute Perfection.

THE FALL-Visually stunning (and I'm not just talking about Lee Pace) relationship between a suicidal love-sick stunt man and an incredibly imaginative (and slightly gory) girl.

TELL NO ONE (Ne le Dis à Personne)-A French thriller with heart. And an actually engaging mystery! Magnificent!

QUANTUM OF SOLACE-Enough with the Borne comparisons! Thankfully there's not a Julia Stiles in sight. The brilliant dangling rope [rife with symbolism for all you Film snobs] will become a classic Bond moment when people begin to take their heads out of their asses. And why is no one praising the Bond Girls who weren't some Distressed Dames this time around? Especially considering that überlauded Dark Knight horribly faltered in that aspect.

This year he went from Eco-Baron Bond Villain in Quantum of Solace to Ostracized Middle Child in Christmas Tale. The man can seriously do anything! And if you don't believe me check out his 2004 César-winning performance in Kings & Queen as a Bipolar Violist who finds himself committed to a mental institution in part for wearing a Bullfighter's cape. Did I also mention that he just starts breakdancing (with full-on popping & locking) during a therapy session? Yep it's awesome.

I never thought that I'd see the day when Ms.Kidman would get absolutely no love (I'm talking to you, fickle critics) for a romantic drama. Nicole completely rocked it in Australia by being completely believable and most importantly likable. I'm really done with this "Look at me I'm really acting" attitude [Changling Angie!] that kills the film's heart-the illusion.
And on a Nostalgic Note: She reminded me of the brilliant Deborah Kerr in King Solomon's Mines with all her prudish English uptightness that still manages to be amazingly endearing.

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Jason said...

Spot on! Why does Saffron get no love? She got lost in Troy and everyone ignored The Bank Job. Deep Blue Sea was not a success on its own, someone had to carry that movie!! And, no, it was not T.J. though he did look good.