Friday, October 10, 2008

Missing "Next Big Thing" found in 1973

Life on Mars is about a modern day cop who finds himself suddenly in 1973. And guess what he finds in 1973 (well other than a ton of synthetic fabric)? GRETCHEN MOL! This has to be the biggest discovery since they reanimated Teri Hatcher's corpse for Desperate Housewives. 

And because you value my opinion so much-
I thought the premiere was pretty good. I am actually going to go as far as saying that it was by far the best new premiere this season. Unfortunately that's not really saying much. Though I am going to give kudos to the writers/producers for having a scene where you actually believe a cop is going to bust a cap in a kid for the sake of future humanity. I also will give a high five to Jason O'Mara for being hot in a Less-Ginger-than-Kevin McKidd way. Plus who doesn't love Pre-Gentrification New York? 
Though I really wish they would have changed the name of the show because most Americans do not have a working knowledge of David Bowie's discography. Brits do. It's part of their birthright along with an affinity for manpris. 


Michael Parsons said...

Lets hope Gretchen can find success here, more so at least than in film.

POP COLONY said...

This show is turning out to be our modern day Unsolved Mysteries! Heather Matarazzo was In the 2nd episode and the plot did not involve in any way shape or form a Princess or even a makeover. I'm already calling for an Emmy!