Thursday, October 23, 2008

"I Got Your Crazy"

Sorry for the lack of posts but I seriously can't get over WOMANIZER. I forsee in the future Britney replacing the Little Engine in The Little Train Wreck the Could.
Seriously the girl is releasing the best material of her career after her PopChernobyl. On the otherhand Beyonce hasn't gone through 1/99th of the crazy Brit's been through and she still hasn't released anything Pop worthy since "Me Myself and I". And that first? single Like A Boy is more Like A Bore (Oh and it's a poor jab at Pop Colony fave Ciara).

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Michael Parsons said...

Totally on board with you here. Britney seems to have come out of crazy-ville with a new lease of life and fun. Beyonce just tries to hard. Really can't get behind an artist when you know they are a real Diva.
Face Beyonce, Britneys the shit, now take a big whiff.