Friday, January 18, 2008

Kylie "X" Why?

So Pop Justice's second take on Kylie's X inspired me to give my two cents CDN with a track by track analysis...1-2 Hearts-At first I hated it. Now I just hate it less.
2-Like a Drug-NO
3-In My Arms-I absolutely hate the chorus! That being said I think the main beat is brilliant. Which is quite the paradox since the premise of a Pop Song is a catchy chorus. So unless Kylie is going post-modern on me I'm going to have to just say "No" to this song. Or at least wait for a killer remix.
4-Speakerphone sounds exactly like Britney's Piece of Me. But what Brit had going for her was the self awareness of the lyrics not the boring as eff beat.
5-Sensitized- This track is actually excellent. It recalls the Kate Bush track Jig of Life off of Hounds of Love album because of it's synth-jig. Which in my book is always a good thing unless you're Imogen Heap.
6-Heart Beat Rock- Kylie doing her best MIA impression or is it Boomkat gone right?
7-The One- Not bad. Not Great.
8-No More Rain- I live in Vancouver so this is basically my mantra but this song just blows.
9-All I See- This song should have gone to Cassie of Me & You fame because it is much too R&B for our girl Kylie to handle effectively. Not to say that Kylie can't handle her Trip-Hop a la Body Language (which was Aces).
10-Stars- Stellar beat.
11-WOW-This song is brilliant! As is the performance of it on The Kylie Show. The best track off X.

12-Nu-di-ty-I swear this song was stolen off of Britney's Blackout rejects. Some brilliant Mashup Maestro must put Nu-di-ty against Brit's Get Naked! I can hear the sweet melodious sounds in my ear already.
14-Magnetic Electric- Catchy Euro Pop Bubblegum. There definitely should have been more of these on the album.

The "Didn't make the album but should've" award goes to: Lose Control
It's an Excellent Euro-Pop Song. Which Kylie could've used more of on this album.

Prognosis: Better Luck Next Time!
RX: Kids, Love at First Sight, Red Blooded Woman, Slow

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Manuel B said...

Whether it was the fact that I read the title really fast, or the fact that I'm always expecting it from any one of your posts, I was a bit at a loss when I saw no Matt Dallas pic ;)

But the Kylie show version of Wow made up for it (even if I hate how Kylie looks in the clip)