Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How Did I Miss This?-Not even The Punisher is immune to the Posh Crop!

I was reading Reflections-Creators' Favorites of 2007 over at Comic Book Resources when I came across the cover to issue #48 of The Punisher. I seriously don't know how I overlooked this cover when it came out in August! A Posh look-a-like on the cover of a comic book? And not just any comic book but The Punisher?? Frank Castle's been through a lot but I never thought he'd go for a girl with a Posh crop (See: Katie Holmes, Kimberly Stewart, & Paris Hilton). Poor Frank!
BTW: The Punisher #48 & The W with Posh & Becks both, coincidently, have August 2007 cover dates.

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