Sunday, February 10, 2008

On the PC Casting Couch- Y:THE LAST MAN- Part 1

Y: The Last Man concluded last week with issue 60. And like any good fangirl I'm totally not over it. So I’m going to throw around my favorite celebs for the impending Y movie in a three part series.

You don’t fuck with loyal Israeli commando Alter. She will pop a cap in your ass whether you’re a judge court marshaling her or the most awesome secret agent ever. So consequently the actress playing Alter must also be fierce. Cue: Ms.Connelly. There’s a reason why Mr.Ghesquiere decks Jennifer out in Balenciaga toujours.

Agent 711 is no Dr.Phil. Her interventions involve a lot more whipping and a lot less clothes. La bella Bellucci is no stranger to corsets and whips. It comes with the territory for being a muse to Dolce & Gabbana for more than a decade. So in other words she’s absolutely perfect. And if there is anyone that can get you to confess your deepest secrets it’s going to be signorina Bellucci.

Well she is Russian. And she would totally satisfy a model trifecta with Jennifer and Monica. So why not?


Manuel B said...

"Model trifecta" - If that doesn't equal 'secret agents that could/will cut you' I don't know what does.

POP COLONY said...

Shhhh! You don't want to give away what will be my comic book magnum opus!

Anonymous said...

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