Tuesday, February 5, 2008

If I Were Hillary Clinton's Campaign Manager...

I would make Puerto Rican hottie Carlos Ponce's "Mujer Con Pantalones" her Latino ( and/or Into Ridiculously Hot Guys) Vote campaign theme song.

A mi me gusta la mujer con pantalones
Que tenga siempre su opinion y sus razones

I like women who wear the pants
Who always has her opinion and her reasons

Why Carlos Ponce would be the perfect poster boy for Hillary...
-He's been in several Mexican Telenovelas [I still miss Quadalupe!]
-He stared in the successful Miami-based Telenovela "Dame Chocolate" which stars prominent South American actors: Genesis Rodriguez [daughter of Venezuelan icon Jose Luis "El Puma" Rodriguez], Colombian Kristina Lilley, Venezuelan Eduardo Serrano,
-He was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico [Also the birthplace of Benicio del Toro & Joaquin Phoenix]
-His looks reflect his Cuban heritage [His parents emigrated to PR from Cuba after the revolution]

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