Thursday, February 21, 2008

Countdown to WonderCon: Is Yorick Brown in town?

So I arrived today in San Francisco for WonderCon after taking pretty much every mode of transportation invented by man. BTW: San Fran is busting at the seams with Geeks since there is also a gaming developers conference in town. Needless to say I've overheard TONS of fascinating conversations. But I did manage to make it to Fishermans Wharf today and do some sightseeing (ie: taking a zillion pics of The Rock). Which is where I came across the straight-jacket and of course thought of dear (now) old Yorick. Ah I'm ready for the con to start! But till then some retail therapy in Union Square will have to do.

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Manuel B said...

So exciting!
I expect details! Tonnes of Detail-ness of your Funnes!