Friday, September 12, 2008

POP COLONY PSA: Stephen Harper is not related to Ben Harper (or Harper Lee)

I'm not 100% sure why I think Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is hot but I think it has something to do with being able to buy his likeness at Build-A-Bear. I'm just saying. Thank goodness his party is with me on this since they've lovingly released Stephen Harbear wallpapers.
Oh and while I have your attention: Mr.Laura Dern aka Ben Harper is shockingly not related to Stephen Harper. You are now free to pick up your jaw from the floor.


mB said...

Yes, but... is he black?

POP COLONY said...

But Harper Lee is a woman.

Jason said...

Wait! What? All these revelations change everything!

Andy said...

My friend recently said "you look like Bob Harper".
Well first I had to say "oh, god, I LOVE laura Dern!" and then I had to question him, by saying, "How do I look like him, I'm not even black for a start?"
And then I realized that BOB not Ben was the trainer from The Biggest Loser hahaha.
Oh, and I LOVE the Koala snapshot slidshow. I'm jealous of that bear!!
Oh, and I just had green Thai curry today, and I was eating bamboo, you know, like a PANDA BEAR! lol