Thursday, May 29, 2008

Using The Secret @ the movies- STREET KINGS

So I finally managed to see Street Kings this week. There were a whole two of us in the the whole theater awaiting some Keanu Reeves goodnes. Keanu was in fine form as always (not the glorious heights of Constantine but let's not talk crazy). Thank goodness Keanu was not alone in the hottness department and I mean that quite literally since Chris "Human Torch" Evans also co-stars. So naturally I spent half the movie thinking- "What this movie needs is a pool party!" Lo and behold half way through the movie there's inexplicably a pool party scene. Except guess what? No shirtless Keanu or Chris! Flame off! And the producers wonder why this movie wasn't a hit. I think the answer is pretty clear. But the moral of this story is when you're using The Secret make sure you're really specific or you'll just get the only movie with no gratuitous nudity this year.
O! Whoa is me.

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